The DeTUR Protocol

EMDR with Addictions

The Farewell Tour 2019

Sponsored by Northwest Wellness Center
Presented by: Dr. AJ Popky & Stephen Amman

Desensitizing Triggers and Urge Reprocessing (DeTUR) is an accelerated approach based on the adaptive information processing model of EMDR and is used with EMDR as an integral part of a comprehensive plan for the treatment of addictions and dysfunctional behaviors.  By targeting the triggers that bring out the urge to use and then desensitizing these urges, the individual gains ego strength and learns to replace the dysfunctional behavior with a more positive and functional lifestyle.

Underlying Core Trauma & Relapse Prevention
Once the core traumatic issues have been reprocessed and dealt with, the triggers are no longer able to generate the anxiety that is attached to the urge-to-use and relapse becomes less likely.

Learning Objectives
• Show how “Resource Accessing” empowers clients.
• Show how the DeTUR protocol interfaces with EMDR AIP model.
• Describe and demonstrate each step of the DeTUR protocol.
• Show how the DeTUR protocol interfaces with EMDR AIP model.
• Demonstrate the use of Interweaves to speed the healing process.

Issues Treated

• Alcohol
• Nicotine
• Cocaine
• Crack
• Methamphetamine
• Marijuana
• Heroin
• Overeating
• Weight Problems
• Sex Addiction
• Prescription Drugs

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